110 Yards

Hackathon Concept

This was a project for SportHack 2015. Our team was the National 2nd Prize Winners. SportHack 2015 was a competition between participants from three Canadian cities (Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax).

The Canadian Football League (CFL) partnered with Sporthack to help solve CFL's biggest problem: their viewership dropped 15% in the past year. The challenge was to develop a digital solution for the CFL that can increase the user engagement and be a viable business.


We conducted interviews with on-site experts and discovered a huge opportunity within a typical football game. In a 3 hour game, only 60 minutes is dedicated to the actual game. The other 120 minutes was dedicated to commercials and breaks.

110 Yards


Our solution keeps football fans engaged and entertained during break time by asking contextual questions about the game they are currently watching.

110 Yards chart

Key Experiences

Engage and educate fans during breaks

The app takes advantage of the time where the game is on a break or commercial to ask fans interactive questions about the game they are watching. These questions range for opinion based questions such as what they thought about the last play or predictive questions such as what they think will happen for the next play.

This also provides an opportunity educate new fans about the nuances of the sport. The difficulty of the questions will adjust based on the level of knowledge the user has.

Engage fans during breaks

Improve AD Effectiveness

This app would also provide marketers and the fans a better AD experience. Users will be reward with free stuff while being entertained while marketers can get the user's attention when they’re the most engaged. In addition, advertisers can captures a fan's buying habit to measure the AD's effectiveness.

Improve Brand Effectiveness