Mobile Travel Companion

Foreign connects solo travellers who will be travelling to the same area during the same time. Foreign aims at the needs of solo travellers who might be shy or nervous about traveling to a foreign country for the first time. By being able to make friends prior to the trip, it can help take away the anxiety that comes from going to a new and unfamiliar place with no one to rely on. To learn more about this project check out our presentation.


We were inspired by our teammate's recent travels to Japan and her struggles while traveling alone. We thought there was an opportunity to rethink and disrupt travel experience.


We started by conducting user research through interviews and secondary research. First-hand interviews were conducted with solo travellers. Secondary research included an analysis of the competition in the marketplace. Based on our research we generated two Personas.


Next we created a user journey. By understanding the user's journey and traits, we were able to identify their pain points and the various areas where we can intervene. We decided to focus on the preparing and during part of the user journey.

User Map

Afterwards, we started brainstorming workflows and designed low fidelity wireframes of the application using illustrator.


We then refined our workflow and created fidelity mockups and created a working prototype of the application.


App Experience

Context Aware

Context Aware

We understood that the user would have different needs based on which step they are in their travel journey. As such, this app is designed to contextually aware so it can adapt to the user’s need. Depending on if the user is in the preparing or during phase, the home screen of the application will change in accordance to what action the user would want to take. The location data will be used to determine which phase the user is in

User Matching

User Matching

We believe right people to travel with is key in having a good trip. We've design the app to match user based on their interests to increase the likelihood that the person the you meet clicks with you. In addition, you can provide more specific information such as the landmarks you plan to visit to further refine your search to people who would be interested in seeing the same attractions as you.



Since not all users would feel safe revealing their information to all travellers, we have strive to make the application more secure by only allowing travellers who have a Facebook account join. In addition, there’s a visibility setting that allows you to control who will be able to see your profiles. For example, if you are a female, you might only be comfortable traveling with other fellow female travellers. If so, you can make yourself only visible to females.