Fundraiser and Awareness Campaign

MADforchange is a sock-focused awareness campaign and campus-wide clothing drive. The campaign was inspired by a chance encounter I had with Curtis James, a veteran vagrant in the streets of Vancouver. He told a story about how hypothermia during winter caused him to lose most of his toes. As of now, he only has 2 toes on his right feet and none on his left feet. Walking has become a daily struggle for Curtis. He is not alone, however, as there are many who struggle through the cold winters as well.

Moved by this often overlooked but important need, our team decided that we wanted to help prevent other people to succumb to the same problem. As such, our team decided our goal is to help the less fortunate in Vancouver by providing them with clothing and essential supplies for the winter.

Our team drafted out a detailed schedule, work breakdown structure, budget, marketing plan and other frameworks in order to prepare for the event. This gave us a good idea as to what was required for the campaign to succeed and allowed us to stay on track. We also partnered up with various organizations to increase our reach and connected with various companies for sponsorship to reduce our cost. As a result, we were able to raise $220, collect over 60 bags of clothing and reach out to over 500 individuals.

To learn more about this project and the lesson that we learned, check out our project close report.

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